Ted Nugent at The Paramount 7/21/2014

Ted Nugent Paramount

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Ted Nugent: Welcome To Hunt-ington


Words by Bob Wilson


Ted Nugent’s latest tour is dubbed ‘Shutup&Jam!’ as is the latest album, as well as the title track on the album. If this is a stab at irony, Ted has succeeded. The artist emerged amidst smoke and scourge of intense ‘may cause an epileptic seizure’ lighting to the Rolling Stones’ recording of Street Fighting Man. He broke into ‘Gonzo’, and informed us that he is “too old to look this good”. At 65, he may have been bragging, but he wasn’t lying. This July, Nugent celebrated playing his 6,500th live show.

If Spinal Tap liked to turn it up to 11, Nugent seems to favor 13. The band ripped through a set including ‘Turn It Up’, ‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang’, and ‘I Can’t Quit You, Baby’. The latter tune was dedicated to the recently departed Johnny Winter. Nugent eulogized his brother musician with, “Never forget where you came from, Johnny never did. Rest in peace, Johnny.”

Derek St. Holmes played guitar, Greg Smith bass, and “Wild” Mick Brown played drums. St. Holmes and Smith shared some work on lead vocals with ‘Uncle Ted’. Nugent lived up to his legend on lead guitar, vocals, and sermons. The mostly male audience came dressed for a hunting trip, reminiscent of extras in the film ‘Deliverance’.

Nugent informed that he played music most every May, June, July and August. He added that “the rest of the year, I just kill shit.” Standing in front of a large American Flag, Rev. Nugent stepped often to the pulpit. He pressed on referring to Long Island’s overpopulation problem with deer. His solution was to “just shoot the motherfuckers.” It was then that a moment of clarity was experienced as to the thorough frisk all went through upon entrance, which almost made a fella blush. The name of the tour seemed more wishful thinking at this point than a call for more solos. If ‘Uncle Ted’ heard ‘more cowbell’, he would likely go scrimmaging for a rifle in haste looking for the bovine.

The set continued with St. Holmes singing ‘Queen of the Forest’, and ‘Need you Bad’ handled by Greg Smith. Nugent is generous in giving some spotlight to his band. ‘Workin’ Hard, Playin’ Hard’, ‘Shutup&Jam!’, and ‘Hey, Baby’ led into ‘Fred Bear’. Place your own quips here regarding Ted shooting Yogi, and the venue being held in Huntington, New York.

The show closed out with Nugent offering ‘Stranglehold’, as he thanked the audience for making his cable television hunting program tops in ratings in its genre. The audience consisted largely of true believers, and they thanked Nugent and his rockers with raucous cheers the evening through.

Controversy followed later in the week following the show with the Couer D’Alene Tribe cancelling a show Nugent was set to play on August 4th in Worley, Idaho at their Casino. Pressure seems to have been applied by the Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch. Longview, Texas also recently cancelled a show set for July 4th, paying Nugent $16,000 not to visit their town. Nugent recently commented in the Gannett Wisconsin Media that opposition such as this stems from “unclean vermin”. The tour comes to a close on August 17th, in Midland, Texas.